Meet your Flourishh Team

ian henderson

Ian Henderson
I’m a Brand Identity Specialist, coming from over 20 years in Graphic Design. I love hearing about the way people serve their clients, their dreams and objectives and helping close the gap between those dreams and reality. I’ve always been interested in imagery. When I was at school I dreamed of being photographer. Art school somehow morphed into a successful career in selling cameras which is all about understanding customer needs and wants. This hands on understanding of the sales process informs my creativity – a Brand that looks pretty but doesn’t result in sales will die. Carole likes to say that I’m the pictures to her words but of course we know it’s much more than that. For out it’s about taking the client’s message and packaging and presenting it to their audience in a way that moves the customer to action. When this is done consistently and in line with the Brand Strategy the magic starts to happen.

Carole Henderson

Carole Henderson
Like Ian, my entire career has been, in one way or another, about communicating with people. The big difference is I mainly use words. I’m a Marketing Communications & Customer Experience Specialist with, ahem, “a lot” of years’ experience in helping organisations and solopreneurs grow their client base, increase loyalty and improve their process. I’m also an International Conference Speaker and Guest Expert on the topics of Heart Helpful conversations and grief and loss. Jokingly referred to in the office as “ Our Royal Correspondent” after talking about the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth and various Prince Harry “episodes” on TV, Radio & in the Press. As an International Trainer in grief and loss interventions, I’ve trained over 700 people from over 30 countries and have been working alongside and with the Bereavement Sector for over 14 years.