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Do your customers get their best experience in their most vulnerable moments?

How empathetic are your processes, forms and communications?

As a heart-centred business you care passionately about your customer experience and you want to ensure that your team not only want to do & say the right thing but are equipped to do and say the right thing.

The Heart Helpful workshop was created to teach your entire team how to interact with clients experiencing their worst times and translate this into emails,social media, website as well as phone calls and meetings. MORE

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Help your customers / staff resolve emotional pain & grief

If you’re a funeral professional and want to offer the best possible after care for your families
If you’re a heart-centered business that wants to add a based on evidence way of helping your clients heal from emotional pain, grief and trauma

Edu-Therapy Certification Training trains you to deliver a psychological education programme that:

equips participants to resolve the pain of a presenting issue.
gives them the tools to use when new emotional pain arises.

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